336 – Rise Above

I want to discover your body
Like it has never been touched before

I want to give you a little
And leave you pleading for a bit more

I want to ravish you
Like you have never been loved

I want you to understand
All of the things I have ever risen above


300 – Tears

This is a song about tears that never got cried
Who refuse to  indulge in a moment of sorrow
For all ones who still try their hardest to hide

They don’t crumple knowing the sadness of loss
Remembering those who only exist in memory
And having to know they’re gone the only cost

Like unclaimed love that never went anywhere
Clinging to the uncried pain of always holding on
A frontline waits to wage war on the unshed tear

297 – An Explanation

So, I made it to Poem #296. Two hundred and ninety-six contributions to art, and life, and beauty, and love.
And I didn’t quite follow through with the plan: “Write one poem for every day of 2013.”
I didn’t really even get very close.

But I was the winner.

I wrote more than I did during the Great Glandular Fever Epidemic of 2012.
And I found out who I am. What I want. What I love. HOW I love. Why I love.

I discovered the paths to hearts all over the world.
I was inspired by worldful’s of other people’s art.
I was spoken to by the words of another’s heart.

I also let go of a lot of hurt.
I put it into words.
And I got it down into this collection of things everyone should know.
Because a loosening grip is harder than holding on.
And because loving something means at some point letting it go.


Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for supporting me through my shortcomings, and encouraging me through whatever success.


Jan 2 (1)

296 – December

Not pretending like it’s the same as another day
Let’s find a spot and just dance our lives away
We foresaw the warning signs and leaped anyway
Into store-bought blessings sold in every shade
Adventures we didn’t know we would land in
Learned lessons on which we weren’t planning
We came back around because full cycles
Imply that a thing isn’t incomplete but whole
We could lose our hearts in never letting go
And give our minds to things we don’t know

295 – Reminder

I am me so you can see
What kind of you
You’d like to be
I am a reminder
Of the kind of
Kindness and
Love in blindness
None imagines being
We are some of
One another
Unless we’d rather
The emptiness
Of having an
Incorrect other

294 – I Will Stand By You

I will stand by you because it is one thing
I can do without having a single reason
I will forgive you when you cannot forgive
Yourself, simple like the changing of season
I will be there when I cannot be there at all
And I will grow too, to document changes
Or become a significant symbol of ages
When being there is the only thing I can do
I will still show my heart to you

293 – Sincerely, Jolene

A life of going unseen were eyes of emerald-green
Their story also wrenches at insides, their tale
Of being lost, without ever attempting to hide
Rich, auburn hair that never got them anywhere
And because second chances come so rarely
I saw a dream where you’d be able to understand
I will take him, but not just because I can

292 – Sleep In Peace

Goodnight love, sleep in peace
With hopes you now are free

Your body no longer traps you
In time frozen memories

Rest in ease now dear
Away from sickness or disease

Enjoy the peace off Earth, Poppa
Until next we meet

291 – The Twist Of Fate

It would be easy to resist the twist of fate
If one were not destinedly late everywhere
The guiding hand shows of a maybe land
A place you thought you could end up in
With no idea you might actually get there


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