342 – A Very Short Story: It’s A Kind Of Magic

“Run away with me.” And, she doesn’t mean ‘away’… So I suppose what she really mean is, stay.

Stay with me and let me show you what real love is supposed to be. Let me be the heat to your cold, and let’s grow old talking to each other about something new every day. Let’s be places and see everywhere together. Let’s love each other until the end of time; or the beginning of it.

Because it’s something I can’t properly hide. I feel like it’s a secret that lives on my lips and all of the answers would be there in the kiss; the big reveal in the feel of your soul in my hands and the beat of hearts that race because they can.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say it because we haven’t reached that part yet, but I have a prepared an “I told you so” I can’t forget. I love the sound of your voice when you speak, it captivates me. It slams a shiver down my spine that I can’t escape, and you’re mine. I want to discover your mind like there’s nothing to find, but everything hidden somewhere inside.

She wants to write you like the greatest story ever read; “I will wait for you” is all she said.


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