Micropoetry · Poetry

304 – Naked

I want you just
As I always did.
Close to me
And without
Any clothes on.


2 thoughts on “304 – Naked

  1. A basal understanding of the word, “naked,” is rather dull and boring: freedom from clothing. When studied and appreciated more regularly, being naked can mean so much more. It can mean to be exposed, to be vulnerable. Not just to the physical environment, but to the metaphysical as well. We can lay ourselves bare before another person, ourselves even, so that a relationship can become truly intimate. The question is, can we negate that person’s vulnerability? Make them feel secure and whole?

    Your poem, however, may concern just what it says in simple words; that you want the other person next to you and without clothing. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome too.

    In any case, thanks for sharing. Interpreted it wrong I might have, but I still enjoyed it’s simple beauty and though provoking nature.


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