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297 – An Explanation

So, I made it to Poem #296. Two hundred and ninety-six contributions to art, and life, and beauty, and love.
And I didn’t quite follow through with the plan: “Write one poem for every day of 2013.”
I didn’t really even get very close.

But I was the winner.

I wrote more than I did during the Great Glandular Fever Epidemic of 2012.
And I found out who I am. What I want. What I love. HOW I love. Why I love.

I discovered the paths to hearts all over the world.
I was inspired by worldful’s of other people’s art.
I was spoken to by the words of another’s heart.

I also let go of a lot of hurt.
I put it into words.
And I got it down into this collection of things everyone should know.
Because a loosening grip is harder than holding on.
And because loving something means at some point letting it go.


Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for supporting me through my shortcomings, and encouraging me through whatever success.

Jan 2 (1)


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