365 Days · Poetry

240 – If You Know What I Mean

So… It’s kind of your birthday, the show-someone-how-much-you-think-they’re-worth day
And while I have a whole lifetime of surprises in store for you, there isn’t much I could say
That would accurately describe the perfect picture frame in my head of you and the way
I feel like I melt when I see you, I’m a moth and you the flame I am continuously drawn to
Even when you are wrong you are right, and try as anyone might your light brightly burns
With the heat many only wonder about, but not me because every day I have found you
I don’t question where the warmth comes from, I accept it as the comfort of being home
So… It’s still your birthday and there are several more tricks up my very surprising sleeve
There’s a lifetime of gifts to keep, and ones that keep on giving if you know what I mean!


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