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Best Moment Award


So, a wee while back someone commented on this blog and honoured me with the Best Moment Award. Now, I can’t remember who that person was, or what the requirements of the award were, so I’m branching out and making this one up as I go.

Firstly, thank you to that person who thought my writing was something enough to stop and say so. I’m forever grateful for the wonderful people who read my work.

Secondly, thank you to the writers I consistently read, and whom offer inspiration even though they don’t know they are doing it. I pass this award on to them and their tireless efforts to make the world a more enlightened place. Please take a moment to stop by their blogs and read their musings, I swear you won’t be let down.

Alexander Pseudonym  – who intriguingly remains a great mystery.
Electrical Banana by Matthew Phillip O’Malley – for always saying things the way I want them to be said.
An Electric Journal of a Castaway by Ruann Weidemann – who seems to see the world like I do.
The Dimwit Diary – for being a dimwit, and never being hard work.


Sfoxwriting by Steven Fox – because he’s ambitious, and clinical, and a lot of things I’m not.

Thank you again, and happy blogging!


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