365 Days · Short Stories

208 – Your Love Has Died (A Very Short Story)

“I’m sorry Laurel, but your love has died.”

The words rang in her ears
But she didn’t hear, she just cried,
And moved her head to the side
Trying to hide the tears in her hair.
She’d tried to hope for the best,
But without even trying she had prepared…

“He died from a broken heart, he couldn’t survive being apart.”

Laurel had known from the start
She wouldn’t have the last say,
No one would really have their way.
Their love was the unearthly kind.
The sort that defies space and time,
A second love that came just behind.

“Laurel, is there anyone we can call?”

And she sighed.
They are together at last,
A love that was never allowed to fall

“No, thank you doctor. There was never anyone else at all.”


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