365 Days · Poetry

203 – Upside To Living

I think we should always try to be happy
Even when being happy is the farthest
Thing from our minds and unhappiness
Is all around; I think there should be joy
Everywhere and it’s there, we just aren’t
Always looking, our eyes don’t stay open
Long enough to admire the happy view
Most lines have a rhyme and most rhymes
Have a “but”, a thing they become when
The glass starts emptying, it’s halfway and
It gets hard to tell whether it’s full or empty
That’s when we want to see… whatever it is
The happy thing, a shiny upside to living
I think we’re a breed predisposed to pain
We stick ourselves under clouds of rain
I think we could be kinder to ourselves
As well as each other; I think that is all
it would take for the skies to clear again

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