365 Days · Short Stories

189 – It Could All Work Out (A Very Short Story)

He half met the gaze of a young woman, much prettier, and far more intelligent than any woman he might usually have dared talking to. Normally he might avoid someone so youthful and lovely, and with such quick wit. But, she made him feel like he existed in a way that he was so removed from feeling; unintentionally she conjured up something he couldn’t describe with words, only in beats, and semi-tones, and chords.

It was a snap decision to ask her name, equal to deciding on revealing his own; they said nothing but everything in a short moment of introduction. A kind of electricity buzzed around them, setting their proximity to each other ablaze.

A steady beat on a sturdy cello mourned the loss of the older man’s diffidence, and played a sumptuous lullaby filled with everything he’d ever wanted to speak. Not with many words but one, he found the courage to tell the truth about his thoughts. He found he could look into the eyes he’d once considered too magnificent to gaze upon, and she wouldn’t look away. She spoke a smile with sparkling, grey eyes and told him silently that somehow, it could all work out in the end…


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