365 Days · Poetry

143 – Fear Kept Her Alive

What if “Please don’t let me die” had been the last words of her last breaths?
How would she get it off her chest and say what she would have come to say
The ability to express herself would come so much later on, it wasn’t time
“Please don’t let me die” and no one said anything but she felt her body dying
And instead of crying, the fear carried her through “Please don’t let me die.”
All of the unlived things and the kind of joy she doesn’t know until life brings it.
The journeys she would come to own, the seeds planted everywhere and sewn,
The roots she would one day plant into the core of a consciousness or few.
She said “Please don’t let me die”” because she knew her life couldn’t be done
The captain wouldn’t abandon her ship before the ship had even been sunk.
Ultimate fear of missing out on the unmade memories she was leaving behind
Was what pushed her through the damage to her body. Fear kept her alive.


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