365 Days · Poetry

111 – Follow Me And Everything Is Alright

If I was talking to
You like I used to
I would chew all
My words into little
Pieces and reach into
The recesses of my soul
To admit to you
That there was never
Any intended goal,
And while there’s a
Tiny little hole,
My life is whole
Like we had always
Hoped for ourselves,
Even though it isn’t how
I expected it to be,
There was no easy escape
For getting out of jail free,
But now I’m a better me
And I think differently
About how different
Things could have been,
About time making
Everything longer,
Absence making the
Heart grow fonder,
Years that make
Foundations stronger
And maybe what’s now
Is what’s for tomorrow
Though I like to know
That I was one hell of
An act to follow


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