365 Days · Poetry

93 – I Don’t Know What The Point Of A Bomb Is

I can’t understand what is so important
It’s worth spreading the message of fear
As a breed we’ve achieved more with love
Than we ever did making people scared
I don’t know what the point of a bomb is
Aside from the loud bang and explosion
I can’t fathom what drives one to do that
A set of actions to cause such emotions
It is lucky that fear is only temporary
A natural instinct that tends to subside
A common side-effect of the unexpected
Just before a community races to unite
I don’t want to know what it might take
To have one finger squeezing the trigger
There’s a process of pain and accepting
But an ability to heal with hope is bigger


4 thoughts on “93 – I Don’t Know What The Point Of A Bomb Is

  1. Ya’ know, my initial thought to this poem was of aesthetic consideration. I couldn’t understand why you didn’t break it up a bit more. Though initially an irritation, I began to see the lack of breaks as a reflection of how a mind races after an event like a bombing. Something terrible happens, thoughts just rush in. There is no stopping them. The thoughts themselves take no breaks. They just come, sometimes all at once.

    Not sure if that was your intention, but it is how I’m looking at it. It works and I like it very much. Hopefully the other 92 days prior are just as marvelous. 😉


    1. Well, funny you should say that. What you see here is the transcription from my notebook to the screen, and in my notebook it’s written as a few paragraphs, much like the words were just tumbling out. Then when I saw it typed out, I definitely didn’t want to lose that sense of almost being overwhelmed by the big block of letters. At the time I couldn’t have articulated why, but I definitely wouldn’t change it now. Thank you for taking the time to let me know how you felt about it, I love that.

      Oh gosh, you’re not embarking on the whole 90-whatever are you?! You’re amazingly dedicated, and fantastic if you are. I’m sorry, and thank you in advance? 😀


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