365 Days · Poetry

89 – It’s Enough

He abused you and used you
Told you things about yourself
That weren’t even close to true
He made you want to hate yourself
And continuously berate yourself
Over an opinion, one person’s view
He crushed you with his words
And careless things he would do
He was arrogant and sarcastic
But the thing that made it worse
Were the beautiful outbursts
The way he looked when he smiled
The colour of his eyes when he cried
The way he regularly whispered “sorry”
As if it weren’t a subconscious lie
You always found a way to forgive him
Even when it slowly chipped away
At your heart and your insides
Because there were good times
And you knew the forgotten child
Inside of him was also broken
So you let yourself take his pain in
Sacrifice that seemed worth making
And maybe the love is different now
Perhaps its eyes are not so naive
Then, loving the wrong person
Was never going to be easy
There is courage in perseverance
In jumping even when you’re afraid
Some have to learn the hard way
A mistake isn’t that until it is made

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