86 – Ode To My Brother: Redux

You’re an angel now, watching us from the sky
While we continue living, as the years go by
My heart still feels you, as if you never left
As if it wasn’t real, the tears were never wept
You had no idea so much love was in my heart
Enough to keep you forever, so we’d never be apart
I do most of it for both of us now, everything I try
So I can say that I did, before it is my time to die
Because of you I respect life, I treat it as a gift
I don’t want the regret of leaving my life unlived
And that my guardian angel, my brother, my friend
Is how I accept your absence, knowing it isn’t the end
Your legacy lives in others, in lessons they take heed of
In memories you gave them, in your brilliance and your love


2 thoughts on “86 – Ode To My Brother: Redux

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  1. No critique, just thanks. Thank you for sharing. To the very core this poem touches, and I found that tears were welling up partway through my second reading. Such a wonderful bit of verse, it feels intrusive to even comment. I pray my words don’t come across as such.


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