365 Days · Poetry

74 – In My Dreams

(I think this could possibly be the beginnings of a brand new performance poem. At any rate, I definitely think I wrote this with reading it aloud in mind. PS, you’re all fantastical and amazing. xo -M)


In my dreams
I’m a rap superstar
With an expensive
Italian-branded car
And I’m unhappy
With how much
Happier I could be
In my dreams
I don’t take things
Too seriously
The peculiar times
With people I know
Compromising complications
From impossible situations
In my dreams
I’m a bitch…
I’m a lover…
I’m a child…
And while you
See where I’m
Going with this
The point is that
In my dreams
Reality seems
Uneventful and tame
In my dreams
Sometimes I just think
About how exhausted I am
Then I wake up
Still thinking about it
And I don’t feel rested
I feel like shit
In my dreams
Are memories
Of past lifetimes
And lifetimes
Still yet to find me
In my dreams
Is certain safety
And conversations that
Could not otherwise be
In my dreams
Are ninety-nine versions
Of a sleeping me


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