365 Days · Poetry

71 – Everything Gets Better

The darkness you’re in is only temporary,
And if you could hire your life on DVD
There’d be a memory to take you back
To a scene of solitary remembering,
That being solitary was a solid thing
Something you chose to be experiencing,
Until unsuspecting you tripped and fell into it
Before love recklessly wounded your spirit.
There’s also a scene somewhere down the line
Where the hole has been filled in by time,
So when your whole body aches from tears
And desperately wishing away the years,
You realise at some point that you hit pause
On all the hurt and tormented suffering,
Because letting go’s harder than forgetting and
Breathing isn’t enough without love to breathe with
Realising that, each next breath is a reward
A prize for reaching the halfway mark of moving on
A positive step in being able to press fast-forward


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