365 Days · Poetry

63 – Once Bitten

The penny just dropped
Your guilty conscience hopped
Right passed the part
Where you bruised my heart
I woke up to lies
A list of reliable alibis
A premature apology
Taking my sentimentality
And using it against me
So now I don’t trust you
I have every reason not to
My words aren’t your claim to forgiveness
But if you were ever going to read
Into anything, read into this


4 thoughts on “63 – Once Bitten

    1. Thanks so much! I have to admit, it’s not a piece I’m particularly stoked with, but I think the sentiment came across okay. I do worry that maybe I misrepresent myself in my poetry. I’m not a bitch I swear! 😀


  1. I have attended only one poetry workshop in my entire life, but the most constructive thing I came away with was the facilitator’s RULE: Assume all poetry is fiction unless the poet says otherwise. This means you can misrepresent ALL you want, aka poetic license! 🙂 Poetry is subjective anyway, even if you are NOT that way, someone is bound to misperceive, misinterpret, misunderstand … don’t sweat it! Be yourself, write your OWN way and keep sharing your wonderful talents and gifts freely. WE appreciate them and you.


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