365 Days · Short Stories

56 – A Beginning (a short story)

This is the very short story of an ending, that doesn’t totally make sense without the perspective of a starting point, but I think it’s an ending that itself tells you everything you need to know. He died.
And everything everyone had ever known stopped; it just halted. Suddenly, our lives were painted on a landscape without him in it, and the sky was a slightly darker hue of blue, with a few squiggled birds, that looked more like they were falling, and not flying.
The clouds began to hang lower and we continuously knocked our heads, trying to find some sense in a nonsensical tale. He was here, and then he wasn’t; it was pointless trying to find sense there.
So, the end, it began just like that. With a tip of his hat, he was gone; and there was something so wrong about it. Like I should have somehow been consulted first, because the surprise of finding out was so much worse than he could have imagined; if he’d imagined it at all.
(Credit a little bit goes to Gail Pittaway,  and the lovely way she teaches.)


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