365 Days · Poetry

45 – The Show

The sensation of adrenaline coursing
Mixed with the high emotions
Combined with a pinch of nerves
This is what you came here for
It’s what you agreed to when
You pulled down the fold-up chair
Now you’re  gasping for air
But try to relax into it
It’s not fear; it’s theatre
It’s what we’re all here for
And we congregate together
For that feeling you can’t describe
Whatever it is, or however it arrived
It came from a hard-working performance
Art that came alive

(I know. I write about theatre too much. But today it’s what’s big in my life. Hamilton Operatic Society’s opening night of ‘Hairspray’ was a total feast for the soul. If you’re in or about my town, go see it. Courteney Mayall ‘s f*cking fantastic. And my bestie’s in it, innit! Congrats to everyone involved, it’s really something to be proud of! xo)


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