365 Days · Poetry

29 – Challenge Accepted

Hello dear readers and random passers-by! So, it occurred to me just now, in quite a weighty fashion, that I’m behind. I’m already not doing well with this whole, a-poem-a-day business, and it’s only January. But, (there’s always a “but”.) I’ve been writing more, way more, which was the point of the thing in the first place. But Summer rolled to a close much faster than I expected it to, and so plans for the year are in action. Back to the theatre, back to classes, back to only-just squeezing in time for my own writing. So anyway, just wanted to let you know, anyone who’s interested, the poetry is there; just the time for it is not. That said, I have hot off the press number 29. xo – M.


Challenge Accepted

I just got promoted
I’m not joking
It’s a serious business
I take it seriously
Mysteriously, they looked at me
And said “Give her the key”
She’s rhyming
But not the way
Rhymes should be
Just lyrically suggesting
That the time for resting
On our laurels is up
That’s not for what
Laurels were made
This life is the dirt
You’re a one-of-a-kind spade
It’s time to be sundials
Stepping out of the shade


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