365 Days · Poetry

15 – The Old (Part I)

Foreword: So I confess I didn’t write anything yesterday, ’cause it was my birthday and just didn’t get a moment to fit it in. That’s life. So, today I wrote kind of a two-part poem, or two poems that come as a set… Whatever you call it, I’ve been hesitant about putting them up, because I read some blogging advice, that you shouldn’t publish anything you’re not 100% proud of. And I know these two aren’t my best work. Then I realised that the point of this years poetry isn’t to be brilliant; it’s to be feeling, and doing, and writing. So with that in mind, I give you #15 ‘The Old’. Thanks for dropping by! – M

The thing about getting older
Is you feel more like a souvenir
Twelve months older every year
One year closer to saying goodbye
Life is long, but time is not
Mantel piece picture frames
Will remember your name
Because time is taking off
Running away as fast as
Its little arms can run
I could be anywhere, at any while
But I’m here, and I don’t know why
But I’m older than I was
I should know more than I did
I should have some of the answers…


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