365 Days · Poetry

12 – Twelve January

It’s a good mate
Who stands next to you
While you puke
Because you tried
To get liquored like the days
From your youth

It’s a bro with the hose
And wiping your nose
Ignoring the smell
Making sure you are well

It’s family who
Forgive you
For the arse you came to be
For the joking
And the groping
Because we love you, you see

So, aside from the hangover
Happy birthday mate
We’re grateful to have found you
It was well worth the wait


(So I noted at the time with some of my not-so-inebriated friends, that the poem was written before midnight last night. It still counts! Number 13 will be up in a couple of hours so, sorry for the loads of notifications, and thanks for joining me on my journey! PS Happy birthday for yesterday Phil!)



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