365 Days · Poetry

9 – Baby

The truth is, baby
It never really makes sense
Most answers lead
To more questions
Your head and your heart
Will often disagree

There are last chances
Second chances
First dances
Second thoughts
Cold feet
Wet dreams
Loosening seams
And buttons that fall off
At worst possible moments

The other truth is, baby
There are sunsets
And moon rises
There is music
And art
There are people who will
Love you
With every beat
Of their heart
There are stars
Waiting for your eyes

So the actual truth is
It’s all worth it
Being here
And not knowing
It’s all definitely worth it
So hurry up
We’re waiting for you!

(For Kaelyn, who we’re hoping to meet in the next few days. Soooo much love to her mummy Tabbz, who is suffering, preggers in the heat; and her daddy Will, who just can’t wait for her to get here. Love youse!)


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