365 Days · Poetry

1 – January

I decided that this year I want to write and post one poem a day, for 365 days. And I apologise in advance for the crude quality of anything I rush, or don’t 100% approve of. So, writing is where I’m meant to be, and I hope that anyone who reads this is where they’re meant to be too. Happy 2013!  – M


Day one of
The rest of
My life,
And I’m feeling nice
About it.
Because yesterday
Was so last year
And now I’m facing
One giant tomorrow.
This isn’t borrowed time
It’s mine to keep,
So the best kind of joy
Is experienced
And not explained.
Or tamed.
It’s euphoria,
Doing the thing
You are meant to do.
And for those moments
Dying is well worth
The chance to truly
Have lived.

5 thoughts on “1 – January

  1. I like it and it’s very true to what we all fel I think. As for your decision to write a poem a day for 365 days, good or bad; good luck to you. Enjoy the process and just write. I try and write 3 a day and some are bad, some are ok, a few are good, but it’s the writing that I love. Interestingly, the one’s I love, others don’t; they comment on the poems I rush or half concentrate on. Intriging eh?
    Good luck, I wish you well and happy new year.


    1. Yeah, it’s a bit like that. I know there are going to be shyte ones. But I almost can’t wait for them! I’m often surprised by positive feedback on something I’d disregarded, that’s most of what I love about poetry though. Thanks for dropping by and feel free to get back at me anytime. I’m almost more interested to know what people DON’T like too. Happy New Year! xo


  2. Prior to high school graduation, I wrote prolifically. Rants and fiction, mostly, but I often took to writing news reports as if I was the ace reporter for some major metropolitan publication. There were high school assignments that also demanded my attention, many for which I received significant praise. Within a few short years following graduation, my writing ground to a halt, and I wouldn’t find myself penning anything for almost a decade.

    In the holiday season following my 30th birthday, I found myself in quite a pickle. Some mental health reasons forced me to take time off from school, and, in considering how I’d fill the hours, I thought of starting a 365 Project. Instead of solely taking photos, an act for which I have no talent, I decided to take a random photo a day and write with that photo as inspiration.

    Without going over that year, which was at times tedious, much of the prose disappointing even, I’ll at least say that it was one hell of an experience. After so long, I found my voice. I also discovered what I consider to be my greatest talent, though it’s something that bears refining and expanding, through regular writing (which has been lacking) and reading (which thankfully has not been lacking).

    No, I don’t really mean to share any massive insights and I’m not sure from where that dialogue originated, beyond a need to share. Yes, it was a need to share my experiences with a 365 project. It’s also my long-winded preamble before wishing you the very best of luck in the coming year. I can’t wait to have fully caught up with your poetry and I look forward to all that you have yet to write.



  3. See, this is what I love the most about this particular blogging expedition, is that so many people have felt compelled to share their stories with me, and I love that. Thank you for sharing yourself with me.
    I think in the midst of trying to achieve the goal, it’s hard to look back on the recent work and either hate it or love it. Of course I have pieces I’m really proud of, or pieces I’m not so fond of; either way I have this really unique and interesting documentation of my year. Already it’s told a story of how my year has gone, and what I might have felt, or seen, or heard.
    Each poem is the key to a little locked box in my memory, and when I read the poem the box from that time opens.
    And you’re right, regular reading is the key. To see what inspires others, and see how others relate to their worlds. And just to be entertained, or inspired. Reading is the most important.
    And writing. I do this thing where I put pen to paper, and I just write without stopping for 20 minutes. When I’m done most of it is rubbish and makes no sense, but from there I can shape it, and mold it almost like a sculpture. It begins to take on a pattern, or a shape and eventually what comes out can be quite great. Not always, but often.
    Thank you again for sticking in there with my poetry. I know you’ve taken on a big feat in tackling all my ramblings, and I am so grateful and awed.
    Namaste to you also, and I hope you will stay in touch. 🙂


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