Sometimes I pretend you are talking to me
Saying all the things I think I want to hear
I can hear your voice, warm
Sighing and breathing
Lips pause in painless anticipation
Always waiting

Have you thought about my thoughts?
Maybe not.
I do wonder what you would wonder
If you ever wondered
About mine
Would you have questions?

Now and then when I talk to you
If you can ever hear me
I think about how simple life
And poetry can be
But my small breaths
Fog up your face
And the answers are smeared away

I’ve imagined us into a land
Of practical magic; and fairy fables
Your face is a blank canvas
Of words, and thoughts, and feelings

When we stand next to each other
Miles apart
Oceans away
Our hands touch and I shiver
Electricity I cannot control

Sometimes I say things I want for my ears
Then I look around
To watch a face I can never quite see
To know if I have said
All you need to hear


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