Cord of Communion

“I think I heard it snap,”
She whispered, like an eery breeze,
Her whole life it had been there
She had always rested easy
Hearing everything.
Then, it was silent
Traffic came to a standstill.
And no horns blared
And no one shouted
“It definitely snapped and my feet have lifted off the ground!”
She shouted above the new quiet
Her wings spread and she soared
She had been terrified to let go of the wire
Gripped with her heart for too long.
She didn’t know how to work her wings
She had never learned to use them,
She had been busy watching
Building the foundations of her roots,
She had been happy to.
“It snapped… but I’m free now…”
She brilliantly sparkled
With joy and unshed tears
She had no idea how much she was or could be
She had never considered shining
Like a great star, or the moon
Not properly.
And she could still see a line
Dangling below her, like a test,
Like a lifetime of believing in anyone else.
She didn’t know how to let it go
She didn’t know if she wanted to…
“I heard it snap,” she whispered, afraid
“Did you hear it too?”


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