Some comment on the weather

So, summer hiatus is coming to an end and grown up life is starting. Both Christmas and New Year’s were the best I can remember; (for a while at least…)

Christmas was small children, early mornings, the first ever trifle I’ve ever made, food, toys, and family. Having told us they were going camper-vanning around Australia, my favourite uncle and his hundred-times cool wife/my aunt Emma, and my three wee cousins surprised us by arriving unexpectedly on our doorstep the week before Christmas.

The remains of ‘Christmas Croissants’
Whanau, whanau: Aunty Jack, big, little brother Alex, Unkie Matt (kinda), Tom, and Toby.

Now it’s back to working, and writing, and thinking about stuff I hadn’t thought about before; like the brilliance of Hugh Laurie. How did I not realise until recently how amaze he is? (I know, ‘amaze’ isn’t an adjective.) ‘Fry and Laurie’ was genius for it’s time!

Usually I have an idea of how a year’s going to pan out, but this year I have no idea. I am applying for jobs. And going to finish a play, write more poetry and hopefully get a job.

My voice is back.


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