High Five

High five to not missing the bus!
Or the commuter train that
Does not even exist yet
Or the yacht or the ship

High five to not sailing away
On the untitled web page
That could take you anywhere
But instead keeps you here

Hive five to brews and brothers
And bruises and hysterical bawling
To compulsively letting it all out
Not even considering holding back

High five to drinking all night
And getting into 1960 rumbles
Clapping Sodapop on the back
For a situation well-handled

High five to broken hearts
And leg breaking theatre
To the truth being ugly
And its beauty lying therein


One thought on “High Five

  1. Mel, this is a stunning poem. There are a couple of paragraphs (are they stanzas in poetry?) that I like in particular, and those are the third and fifth ones.

    Mind is blown.


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