On the Road

I am on the road because the road is where I like to be
It is continuous and consistent and it doesn’t stop
Unless I want it to for loo stops or sugar cravings

The road talks with me about the things I don’t know
And it questions the things I think I do know
We rewind and replay and the answers are always different

He doesn’t laugh at me when I make a wrong turn
Or get pissed off because I can’t make up my mind
The road and me have an understanding

It’s a mutual kind of bond of mutual benefits
I fulfil the purpose of any given road travelled
And the untraveled road gives me a purpose to fulfil
When I am lacking direction or lost of hope

On the road I like to read or write or think of Jack
He knows where I’ve been and where I am going
It’s a giggle for him as if he knows I would laugh too

On the road it’s gravel shingle and burning rubber
We share it together me and the road because we know it
We accept that our love affair will last my whole lifetime


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