My brother, Christchurch

My dear brother,
What can be said
To soothe even
Some of the pain?

Or relieve a mite
Of the loss you
Have suffered?

As your family,
How can we
Help to rebuild?

You can sleep
In my bed tonight
If you like
And borrow my
Favourite pair of pyjamas

We can watch
Silly sad movies
And cry until
Not one drop is
Left for us to cry

We can cuddle
On the couch
And eat ice cream
‘Til we feel so sick
Our tummies stick out
Our pants don’t fit
And the stomach ache
Just manages to
Distract you from
The heartbreak

Give me your tears
So you cannot cry
While you are alone
Or drown in
The sea of sorrow
When the tide rises
And memories flood in

While the devastation
Is your own
Lean on us as we
Would lean on you
My brother

We will drag you
From the murky muddy sand
And pull you together
As you have pulled
Our family together

You have shown us
What we are made of
And now we will
Do the same for you

With love.


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